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Sunday 21 January 2018

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND-Without Remorse-(Pas-83 Productions-Sweden-1993)

UK Crust Punk Band Extinction of Mankind were formed in 1992, and celebrate their 20 year anniversary this year (2012).
Over the past 20 years they have both recorded and toured with such punk/crust heavyweights as Misery, Wolfpack, Warcollapse, Doom, and Skitsystem to name but a few. Having been compared to artists such as Antisect and Ambeix, their sound is also akin to the crushing heaviness of Venom and Celtic Frost, pure crust to the core with heavy metallic riffs, raging percussion and socio-political lyrics furiously shouted in defiance.
With a worldwide following and devastatingly heavy live shows Extinction of Mankind are definitely an important part of crust punk history, and its future....(from their official webpage)
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