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Friday 3 February 2017

v.a.-Rain Tapes International Compilation Vol.2-October 1992-(Rain Tapes-UK-c95-1992)

Another astonishing compilation edited  and distributed by Julian Smyth who was running this tape label called  Rain Tapes during the 90s in Wales.
I posted the unknown 12 ,the Unknown 11 ,The Unknown 13 and The Unknown 14 and also another one simply called Rain Tapes International -each issue was coming in a different colour and an insert with track list and band addresses.
It features a good selection of bands playing punk,garage rock and new wave.
A wonderful tool to know more about the very underground music world of the early 90s.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Would you happen to know did swedish Masturbates Motel have a demo? I suspect that's könsrock, i don't really like this style, but Masturbates Motel sounds interesting.:) I've heard their another songs on VA Really Fast Vol.5.

  2. @uzername...I am sorry I do NOT have theri demo,good luck for your search

  3. Thanks for sharing these excellent tapes

    1. Hi Meane,i am glad you enjoyed there fantastic tapes