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Tuesday 28 February 2017


Here another amazing fanzine by Cyril Herry , I already spoke about him when I posted the zine Le Journal Des Ruines ,the tape Ashes To Ashes and the compilation tape  Anywhere Out Of World.
His label was called Incense just like this fanzine which was one of his first productions,as far as I recall.
It is a very beatiful B/W fanzine with poetries + reports about the bands:Avec Mordor,Misanthrope (in French only) and astonishing pictures.
"The First Incense Paper is about many dark forms,about memories and strange people...It was a lots of work of photography...you can`t read the poetries but the pictures speak like words...I am calling your imagination to use  your deep mind,I hope you like it." those are few words written by Cyril in his letter that came with this great fanzine.
Enjoy it.
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