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Friday 20 January 2017

v.a-SUNKEN CHAMBERS-(Racing Room-UK-c90-1995)

90 minutes cassette compilation exploring the unknown and wonderful world of experimental electronics,weird sonic messages,extravagant and deviated sounds,noiz-ambient atmospheres and other exquisite degenerated (non)-musical mutations brought to us by a bunch of amazing artists active in the mid 90s.
This sampler will make happy all the lovers of  some rather obscure electronickx pathways to the inner lights.
Racing Room Tapes was a small English tape label active from 1995 to 2000.
Enjoy it.
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A1Educational Resources Start In Her Hands To Gravel At Her Feet
A2 Expose Your Eyes Bastard
A3 Tim Baker (7) Blame The Kingdom Of God
A4 Messy (2) Fall Out
A5 WYRM (2) 3 Minutes (i)
A6 Carsick (3) Social Club Revert
A7 Sean Reynard Tijuana Bastard
A8 Anschluss (2) Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Shit Life
A9 WYRM (2) 3 Minutes (ii)
A10 Tim Baker (7) Do You Want To Be Killed Or Murdered?
A11 Expose Your Eyes Solan
A12 Educational Resources Smirk At The Sitting In The Temple
A13 Dachise Futile Rebelious Teen Shite
A14 Paddy Collins (2) Tech'No'Ise
A15 WYRM (2) 3 Minutes (iii)
A16 Amy Love Fisherman's Thread
B1 The PamelA Mind B.and 11-TV
B2 Amy Love Sonic Attack
B3 Ed Pinsent & Harley Richardson (2) The Volcano
B4 Carsick (3) Morning Shift
B5 Messy (2) All These Colors
B6 Ozone Bandits Ozone Ballad
B7 Forecastle Norwaves
B8 Anschluss (2) Reward
B9 Mark Hadley (3) Evil 95 Version
B10 Ozone Bandits Mo'Pro Re-Hash : i
B11 Messy (2) To-She
B12 Expose Your Eyes Small Masks Made Out Of Spit And Paper
B13 The PamelA Mind B.and Okwinox
B14 Educational Resources Proper Grade Prolix
B15 Noise Gate (5) Musique Cemente