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Monday 9 January 2017

LUDICHRIST Live At The Right Track Inn-Long Island-NY-5th March 1986-(Bootleg Tape-Not On Label-Usa-1986)

This tape is not from my collection and the digital conversion is not mine.I have found this on FB and I asked permission to Mahler Maze who had this tape and converted into digital few days ago.
So  big thanx to him for donating to my blog this preciuos pearl,I am a big fan of this band and I am very happy to share this here.The poster is from the very same tour...yet another date.Here I gonna c+p the info that Mahler wrote:
"Just finished restoring & mastering this absolutely KILLER live tape by LUDICHRIST when they supported the Crumbsuckers in March 1986. The source tape was 1st generation (From the bassists brother) & this is a different gig than the one that's on the F.O.A.D. reissue & different than the bootleg that's on some blogs out there. 17 tracks of raging ultra fast metallic HC in 35 minutes" 
To complete this post I am gonna attach here a great video-gig showing Ludichrist during those old days.They were just amazing.
Enjoy it. 
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