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Friday 14 October 2016

ZARAZA-Slavic Blasphemy-(Musicus Phycus-Canada-1997)

Zaraza means Plague in polish,this is an amzing project by polish musicians living in Canada.
"Formed in Montreal, Canada in early 1993. They combined elements from doom/death metal with those of eastern european industrial. Imagine Laibach doing metal.
The project was laid to rest officially in July 2006."(from discogs)
A wikipedia page about them is here.
"Debut 1997 CD of this legendary Canadian duo.
Total experimental industrial doom death metal annihilation.
Head-on collision of old-school doom/death metal (Unholy, Winter, My Dying Bride) with the ugliness of old-school industrial (SWANS, Laibach, Skin Chamber).
Chosen as one of the Top 10 Albums of 1998 by Gino Filicetti (Chronicles of Chaos webzine). "(from their archive.org page)
Enjoy it.

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