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Tuesday 25 October 2016

HUASIPUNGO-Huasipungo-(Cryptas Recs-(Mexico)+Discos San Juanitos(Usa)-1998)

"Latino political punk hardcore band based in New York City (NYHC). The name ‘Huasipungo’ is a Quecha word and is based on the book by the same name by Jorge Icaza. The band started in 1989, and released their first demo-cassette in 1991, after that, they released three 7": 'Canciones Para Una Causa Perdida' (1992), 'Nunca Nada Cambia... A Menos Que Lo Hagamos Cambiar' (Split with Los Crudos, 1993) and 'Tiempos De Miseria Y Lucha' (1995). Also they released three CD's. Huasipungo still active after the years, playing shows and recording new stuff."(from Discogs"
As I am in touch with one of the founding members of this amazing HC punk band,I have some up to date info,the most of their productions are still available please go to their excellent webpage to check news and releases!Enjoy this powerful and "straight in your face" fast and furious HC Punk.
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 Here I gonna attach some info about this tape -info sent me straight from the musicians:
"This was a tape release of our first CD which we intended to be an lp minus the 7" tracks (it contains tracks from our second and third 7" but not the first. Also a comp track.) The vinyl never materialized (a long story why)
It was released by Cryptas Records out of Mexico city. It was never really distributed in the USA and a very limited distributing in Europe, i think.We basically send people the CD and told people to feel free to reproduce."


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