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Saturday 18 June 2016

v.a.-The Unknown 14-January 1992-(Rain Tapes-UK-c90-1992)

Number 14 of this amazing compilation series called The Unknown,each issue was coming in a different colour and an insert with track list and band addresses.Lots of bands  playing  punk,rock and new wave.
Rain Tapes was an indipendent cassette label from the U.K., run by Julian Smyth.
Enjoy it.
A1Understand (4) Open Arms
A2 Pull My Daisy (2) Meat Lite
A3 Headway (4) Opinions Voiced
A4 Couch Potatoes (3) New One
A5 Helmsdeep Misery
A6 Strookas* Between The Eyes
A7 Guitar Gangsters Rubber Hammer
A8 Agent 86 (2) Stand Up
A9 Windscale (3) Linda P
A10 Hang Time Rip
A11 Venus Fly Trap Europa
A12 Cry Don't You Feel
A13 Cry I Fell
B1 Understand (4) Brand X
B2 Youth Fed Up Stupid Humility
B3 Headway (4) Proving A Point
B4 Couch Potatoes (3) Tired
B5 Space Monkeys (4) What Can We Do Now
B6 Strookas* Living In The Past
B7 The Guttersnipes Hideaway
B8 Agent 86 (2) Break Down The Wall
B9 Agent 86 (2) Just Say No
B10 Shotgun Rationale Beyond The Rebellion
B11 Cry Too Much Falling
B12 Bananatrash Dub Is In You
B13 Surf City Rockers Never Let Go
B14 Od Jutra Zly Czas
B15 Nuclear Family (9) Satelitte Collapse
B16 Blighted Area Spirit Of Minority

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