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Friday 17 June 2016

No One Knows Anything-(Fanzine-Poland-1990)

No One Knows Anything is the fanzine (this issue in english) made by Michal Hazabura.He was running a distro and a label that became big in the coming years.The label is in fact the polish punk Nikt Nic Nie Wie label started in 1989 with the motto "podkładamy nogi tym, którzy nie chcą o nas słyszeć". ("We are sticking our legs out for those who do not want to hear about us to trip over.") Activities include distribution, organizing concerts, promotion of culture and independent music. Some of their releases include: Włochaty,[3] Oi Polloi,[4] Odszukać listopad,[5] Už Jsme Doma,[6] Apatia,[7] Chumbawumba, Crass. The first record issued by the label was Na Własne Podobieństwo by punk rock band Inkwizycja, making it the very first independent record release in Poland.(from Wikipedia).Here their official webpage.
In this  nice and well done issue  you`ll find interesting interviews to NoMeansNo,Trottel,inkurizycja,Terminus +Czecho -Slovakia report,Green Brigades Ecological paper,Polish punk report.
A very good fanzine to research the vibrant punk scene of the late 80s.
Enjoy it. 
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