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Sunday 11 October 2015

v.a.-VEXATIO CEREBRI-(Contaminated Productions-Italy-c60-1994)

Another  astonishing compilation released by the legendary Contaminated Productions,small yet very active label in the 90s.I have already posted quite few cassettes by this label.This sampler was compiled by Paulo Maldoror of  Putrefactio, He passed it to Contaminated Prods as He wasn`t able to released it at the time.It features lots of acts of extreme dark ambient,ritual music and drone industrial of those years.
The cover sleeve was made of two pictures glued together,it depicts original sculptures made by Gianni Liquoro,a famous tattoo artist nowadays. 
Enjoy it.
track listing
A1 Officina Magnetika Antonbrega Antaeus
A2 B.D.N.* Grave Cracker
A3 Maeror Tri The Glowing Of Night
A4 E.A. Sinless Song
A5 Nigredo Carmina Profana
A6 Corvu Prettu Echo My Funeral
A7 Capricorni Pneumatici Putredini Obnoxious
B1 Abra Had Abra Drath
B2 Cordis Cincti Serpente Noo Ladze Rutha Adz (Evokation Ov Yog Sothoth)
B3 Therabaqud Leic Cadavre Exquis
B4 Eliphaz & The Magick Soundshots* Khu
B5 Gerstein + Simon Balestrazzi Just Waiting

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