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Monday 26 October 2015

PANICO-Panico-(Self Released+Nautilus+Blu Bus-Italy-K7+Zine-1989)

This is the very first production by this amazing band featuring members of  Contrazione, Kollettivo, Franti, Impeto & Assalto
It came out as a coproduction between the band and the  italian labels:Nautilus and Blu Bus.
Their music is an excellent and very personal form of art-rock mixed with punk,HC punk and new wave!The lyrics are great too and the booklet(here included)offers us very nice graphix works mainly as  an esquisite form of xerox art.
Beside this  cassette they released 2 lps,1 cd ,1 10inch and a split cd with Gli Aereoplani Cadono,another great band from Turin.You can get all those productions as free download from their excellent webpage where you`ll find also biography,info and pictures. 
Enjoy it.
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