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Sunday 18 May 2014

v.a. - PSYQUIL SAMPLER - (Psyquil Recs.- Germany-1992)

Psyquil was a small record label based in Germany  and active in the 90s.This is a very good compilation released in the 1992,it came out with a 16 pages booklet with pictures and addresses of the bands.Here the tracklist and here a very good review on discogs webpage originally published on Soft Watch magazine.
Enjoy it.
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A1 No Comment Mutant 3:40
A2 Nachzehrer Nosedive * Bee 4:20
A3 Ordinary Strange Black Sunny Day 3:06
A4 Echophrasia She Eats My Eyes 4:15
A5 Lloydt And Me Desire 3:27
A6 Charlottes Manie Trip To The Moon 3:08
A7 Giants Causeway In Your Dreams 3:27
A8 B-Ha Strohblond 1:33
A9 Planoforce (2) Technique Idea 3:05
A10 Mülli Schokoladi Quackel Dakkel 3:06
B1 Echophrasia Fallopian Tube 2:02
B2 No Comment Organic Life 3:40
B3 Charlottes Manie She 1:59
B4 Ordinary Strange Fasades Burning 4:05
B5 Lloydt And Me She's Gone 3:02
B6 Mülli Schokoladi Unser Norman 4:24
B7 B-Ha Pogokönigin 1:18
B8 Nachzehrer Neurosis 4:20
B9 Giants Causeway Enchanted 7:47

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