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Wednesday 28 May 2014

CONTRASTO - Live Tape - (F.M.H-Italy-c60-1989)

Contrasto was an HC punk band from Bordighera(Liguria region,Northen Italy),they were active in the beginning of the 90s.This tape is a gig recorded in Leoncavallo Squat in Milano in 1989.It was released by F.M.H. ,a small distro in Southern Italy,not sure how many copies were distributed and it came out with a lyrics sheet in Italian language only (included here).They also have an lp out on Mister X Produzioni released in 1992.I think they splitted up a couple of years later...

This is the first band who used this name and it`s not to be confused with the band with the same name formed in 1996 and still active nowadays.

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  1. ho pure io questa cassetta da qualche parte a casa mia , bel riccordo d'infanzia , grazie !!!!
    .......non è che per caso hai anche i demo tapes dei No Fuzz ?

  2. ciao Bad Brain,mi spiace non ho la cassetta dei No Fuzz...spero che la trovi su qualche altro blog :)

  3. In quel concerto cantava Vito mitico cantante dei 102 truffe e mondo fantastico.... Una peperlizia!!!!

    1. @ unknown-grazie per il commento..non sapevo della collaborazione con il cantante dei 102 truffe...