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Monday 1 May 2023

NUCLEAR SIMPHONY - Choir Of Disperation - (Self Released-Italy-1987)

  Italian Thrash Metal band from Favara (Agrigento) / Palermo, Sicily, formed in the mid 80's.
The band was founded in 1982 under the name Galax and consisted of singer and guitarist Gino Pecoraro, drummer John the Crash and bassist totem. Until 1986, the band released the first four demos with The First Battle, The Blood, Feud of the Dragon , The Dragon's Death and Big Final . After several changes of the band, the first performance of a Sicilian pop music festival followed in 1985. In 1986, the band changed its name to Nuclear Simphony. In the same year followed with One Day We'll All Be the Same a first demo, of which the Titellied on the Sampler Metalmaniac could be heard. In March of that same year, The Reality ... So Near ... another demo followed by Ciro as another guitarist. In 1987, Choir of the Desperation joined the next demo, whereby the band reached a contract at Discomagic Records . Then the band went to Germany to record their debut album Lost In Wonderland. The recording consisted of guitarist and singer Gino Pecoraro, guitarist and bassist Ciro and drummer Giovanni. After the release of another demos in 1991, the band dissolved again in the same year.(from Discogs)  
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