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Sunday 27 November 2022

TERMINUS & DAZ LLYOD - Live At Bentleys 18th Dec 86 -(TPPL-UK-1987)


The followers of this blog should be familar with Terminus,a band born in 1983 and active till 2001.I have,in fact, posted many of their tapes. I have been in touch with Mark (the singer-guitarist) for a few years now and he kindly passed to me some rare stuff both by Terminus and by other old artists,one of them being the fantastic Daz Lloyd.

I just want remind you all to visit their excellent webpage where you can read about their history, discography, gigs, friends and much more.Funny enough this tape is not listed in their webpage.It is, yet, a great tool documenting the energy and the passion coming out from their live shows.

A big Thanks to Mark for passing to me this great tape. Enjoy it.

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