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Saturday 19 September 2020

v.a-Вторая Часть Сборки "Панк-Рок Без Границ"-(Примитив-Дистро-Belarus)

This is the second part of the compilation Punk Rock Without Borders-2 Cds with punk bands from many places including East Europe, it was released by Primitive Distro. 
The folded cover sleeve reports pictures of the bands and info, almost everything in Cyrillic characters.
A big thanks to my friend Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for the help in translating some of the song titles and providing additional info.
Enjoy it.
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Disc 1
1 Meatwhistle Bungholes-A-Blazin
2 Meatwhistle Spiderman's A Homo
3 Meatwhistle Lobotomy
4 Opus Dead Maldito Obseso
5 Opus Dead Ohne Gewissen
6 Dr. Green* Purvas
7 Dr. Green* Tai Ne Man
8 The Daunza Cause Хрустящая Бумага
9 The Daunza Cause Сам
10 Silikon Fest Bin Laden
11 Silikon Fest Mama Anarkija
12 Dissect Themepark
13 Dissect Tiku & Taku
14 Solitary Neglect Stop Circumcision
15 Solitary Neglect Patriotic Provisions
16 Dezinfekce Haijl
17 Dezinfekce Bud Si Jisty
18 Toro Bravo Jokios Politikos
19 Toro Bravo Mes Sukūrėm
20 Dissent (13) Demand And Supply
21 Dissent (13) Filler (Minor Threat Cover)

Disc 2
22 Słowa We Krwi Zapomniane Wojny
23 Słowa We Krwi Martwy Punkt
24 No Choice! Radnička Pesmica
25 No Choice! Niko Ne Voli Klonove!!!
26 Шоу Трумэна Про Моэ Жыття
27 Шоу Трумэна Кучма - Хуй!
28 V3 Anus Похуй Кто Ты Есть
29 V3 Anus ЭКО
30 Bora (2) Under Control
31 Bora (2) As If I Care
32 The Stillborns M.D.C.
33 The Stillborns I Don't Give A Shit About You
34 Trompka Pompka Jak Pies
35 Trompka Pompka Moj Swiat Jest Moj
36 The Parafin Поколение NExT?
37 The Parafin З.П.Р. (Запрещать)
38 Czolgosz ...Kill You
39 Czolgosz No War But The Class War
40 Link (22) Driedust
41 Link (22) Fairy Tales
42 Lämant Спаси Планету

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