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Thursday 31 January 2019

v.a.-The Best Of Irre Tapes vol V-(Irre Tapes-Germany-c90-1992)

Another astonishing compilation by this legendary tape label, I wrote many times about it posting many great productions, you`ll find them here.
Irre Tapes was run by Matthias Lang which evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine he published regularly during the early 1980s covering New Wave, Post Punk, and the German Underground. 
A very eclectic compilation offering us many music styles and lots of great artists.
Enjoy it.

A01 Heat Beat Cut America, Turn Inward
A02 The Drum Fondu Cause B
A03 Siegmar Fricke Bad Man
A04 X-Ray Pop Baba Cool
A05 Christopher Cooper Tribes Of The West
A06 Passion Arrows This Wonderful World
A07 Y (9) Bad Salad
A08 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Psychojolting
A09 No Comment Red Sweat (Harmony Remix)
A10 Recursos Ajenos Cantico I
A11 Bernd Böhm* Horst Und Lene Im Märchenwald
B01 Doc Wör Mirran Frau Kalb Can Go To Hell
B02 Zwidi Feeling
B03 Birds Of A Feather (4) Intro
B04 Birds Of A Feather (4) Let's Make Five
B05 PP? Never Reprise
B06 Ambulatorio Segreto Footsteps Of Mevatron
B07 Heat Beat Cut Beat Box
B08 Almost Human (2) Silent Tunes
B09 Umpire (2) Inhabitants
B10 Recursos Ajenos Cancion
B11 Doc Wör Mirran Peggy Sue
B12 F. Lopez* + M. A. Ruiz* Excerpt

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