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Wednesday 29 March 2017

1000 Posts-End of the broadcast?(Words-2017)

This post is the number 1000,when I started this blog I had gut feelings that I wouldn`t have reached  this number.I was wrong!Now I think that this is a turning point.I will probably spend less time working on this blog.It is been a long ride with some mistakes,some good feedbacks and lots of fun,some friends did help me and to them goes all my gratitude.
I guess I should write more but I leave this to you after all some people will read this and have a word to say,maybe?
Until next time.


  1. Your blog is a precious space, unfortuntaly people run around the net, take what you share and go away without feedback...sad thing but everyboy (your usual followers) love what you do here. That's sure. Continue if you can, resting more between a post and the next one...best regards G.M.

  2. to unknown and Grucho Marx-it is good to read some feedbacks,thank you for your efforts.

  3. Congrats, hope you don't stop, you always post something interesting. Thanks, mate!