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Saturday 3 June 2023

DEATH COMES ALONG - Heavy Psychedelic Schizoid God - (Mangrove-Japan-1994)

Death Comes Along is a side project of the HC punk band Crow.They play a sort of heavy psychedelic music mixing art-rock, noise, death industrial, avant-garde, and weird experimental jingles. 

As a kind of reference the cover sleeve reports: Funeral March for Amebix, The Mob, Dirt, Antisect, Crude SS, MB, SPK, F.T.B., Diamanda Galas, Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Bodkin, Black Sabbath, German Oak- Dedicated to Edward Gein.

 This statement might help you to understand the influences that, in a way, helped to shape their music. Not an easy listening yet full of surprises. Big thanks to Gianluca for lending me this fantastic piece of vinyl, I left these tracks as waves. Enjoy it!

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