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Sunday 25 December 2022

GOVERNMENT ALPHA/OGATA TETSUO-Split Tape-(Debila Records-Slovenia-2020)

 Fantastic Split tape with two great noise artists :

Government Alpha -Real Name: 吉田恭淑 (Yoshida Yasutoshi)-Government Alpha is the main project of the Japanese noise musician Yasutoshi Yoshida. He also runs the label Xerxes, which has released recordings by himself and numerous other artists.Sites:geocities.jp, Bandcamp, governmentalpha.blogspot.com, Facebook, SoundCloud, xerxes-alpha.tumblr.com, Twitter, MySpace

Ogata Tetsuo: Electronic artist based in Coimbra, Portugal. Owner of the MiMi Records.Sites:Facebook

Debila Records,label already covered in this blog a few times : Slovenian DIY label, active since 1995. Operated by Nejc Počkar Trelc.Sites:brotherofjudo.blogspot.com

All info from Discogs- click me

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