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Tuesday 5 April 2022

Ulcer / Failure Face - Ulcer / Failure Face - (Burrito Records-USA-1994)

Ulcer was an American hardcore / powerviolence band from Northbridge, Massachusetts. 

Failure Face was an American hardcore punk band from Brandon, Florida. Active from 1993 to 1996. 

Burrito Records American Hardcore/Punk label started by Bob Suren in 1991 and ended in 2008. The label began in Stuart, FL and moved to Brandon, FL in 1995.
One of Suren's goals with Burrito Records was to make his titles cheap and easy to find. He achieved this through large pressings of most titles, which kept the cost per unit low, and by trading releases with just about any label he could find with similar titles. Through years of international trading, Suren ensured that Burrito titles -- with few exceptions -- would be abundant all over the world for years to come.
Many Burrito titles were by bands that Suren played in or was friends with. Hence the proliferation of Florida groups on the label. In fact, Suren's original goal was for Burrito to be an all-Florida label, to be to the Sunshine State what Dischord had been to D.C. But by his fourth release, he began finding bands from other places that he liked and decided to no longer limit the label by geography.
Suren liked to discover new bands that he wanted to share with the world. Burrito was the first label to put out records by Failure Face, Cult Ritual, Scrotum Grinder, Reason Of Insanity, Race Against Time, Ulcer, Murder-Suicide Pact, Control De Estado and others.
In later years, Burrito released re-issue titles by some of Suren's old favorite bands, such as Hated Youth, Roach Motel, F, Gay Cowboys In Bondage and Death Sentence.
The name Burrito Records comes from Suren's days in Flaming Midget, when the band would jokingly count off songs with a hearty, "Uno, dos, tres -- BURRITO!" For some reason, this cracked up the guys in Flaming Midget and when it came time to pick a name for the label, the choice was obvious.

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