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Tuesday 17 November 2020

ROY WEARD And LAST POST-Fallout-(Half Tone Records-UK-1981)

 Legendary album by this british rock band playing some space/psychedelic rock.

This vinyl is good all the tunes around. They supported Hawkwind and played some festivals, the album was only sold at gigs and is very hard to come by,it was reprinted as Cd-r with some bonus tracks by  Bridge House Records.

 Enjoy it,I left these amazing tracks as waves.

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  1. Awesome! Check out the band DOGWATCH, they were around before this. My dad used to watch that bad in London and loved them. One day he turned up to see them and there had been a last minute replacement, a band called IRON MAIDEN. He left in disgust, thought they were shit. Fast forward a couple of months and he couldn't believe IRON MAIDEN were on top of the fucking pops....

    1. @ FuzzFace--thanks for your comment,quite a funny story you can tell ...nice one...