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Thursday 27 December 2018

v.a.-Devastate To Liberate-(Yangki-UK-1985)

Astonishing compilation vinyl with a great selection of bands and amazing tracks benefit for the Animal Liberation Front.
You`ll find here some  strange electro, some political punk and weird industrial music: quite an eclectic sampler yet very good.
Enjoy it.

A1 Nurse With Wound Elderly Man River 3:46
A2 Sema The Pleasure Of The Text 4:56
A3 Shock Headed Peters Blue Rosebuds 4:50
A4 P16 D4* 'Okay' She Said With Her Customary Total Lack Of Consideration 0:38
A5 P16 D4* Aus Angst Davor, Zu Erstiken, Sprach Er Beim Essen Nie 1:34
A6 Coil Restless Day 4:24
A7 93 Current 93* Jesus Wants Me For A Moonbeam 3:05
B1 Legendary Pink Dots* Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 4:14
B2 Hafler Trio* In The Cradle 1:15
B3 Annie Anxiety* Soweto Suntan 4:58
B4 Crass Powerless With A Guitar 7:13
B5 D&V* Today's Conclusion 1:33
B6 D&V* Wake Up 1:36
B7 Who Will Carry My Arms Carnival Of Souls 1:21