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Monday, 22 May 2017

ERIC BOROS-Comrades!Solo Travel-Guitar MAN-(Mini-cd-Manufracture-Switzerland-2006)

Eric Boros has been immersed in the global underground for the better part of the last twenty years. He is a self-taught guitarist, experimental multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer, cassette archivist and performance artist, curator and networker, photographer, and translator. With a focus on trans-cultural and interdisciplinary collaboration, he has established connections with artists from around the world and off the beaten path, crossing the borders between art, music and noise. 
You`ll find his extensive discography here.
I have already wrote about him in this blog when i posted music by his projects: Hermit and Third World Planet - Sites:vialka.com, freemusicarchive.org. 
The label Manufracture defines itself as Obscure, eclectic, unknown, and unidentifiable recordings.Here their freemusicarchive where you`ll find more amazing music by Eric Boros and friends. 
Enjoy it.

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