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Sunday 14 February 2016

KARCERAL FLESH-Carcan 65-(Gorkon Recordings-Germany-c60-1993)

Karceral Flesh were thee French Electro/Industriel/Expérimental projekt ov Franck Kervizic which was active from 1990-2000. Am uncertain ov thee lineup for this cassette released on Gorkon Recordings; though at times other collaborators for this projekt included: Nick [guitar & bass], Federico Iovino [percussions], & C.C. La Mouette [voix feminine].
Must confess I do not speak French very well [Je ne parle pas français, très bien], but please bear with this non-francophone as an attempt tis made with minimal understanding, and thee help ov translating software at referencing some ov thee information related to this cassette..
ok.. with thee disclaimer already made about being inept at understanding much ov thee language ov these artists; must also confide that many ov thee references also elude my grasping.. For example: thee title Carcan 65.. Know that a carcan was an iron ring used for a form of public humiliation by exposition at a pole, but it was also thee last name ov thee Belgian engraver and sculptor René Carcan (May 25, 1925—1993).. Which ov these the cassette title is a reference to tis not known here..
Thee first side ov this cassette tis titled: Il Nous Faut Offrir À Leurs Cris ... [We do offer to their Cree...]
Thee first track tis: Tondue À 20 Ans - a reference to the period twenty years after those who became known as les tondues (the shorn): the estimated 10.000 to 30.000 women accused of having collaborated with the Germans during the occupation of France during the second world war whose heads were shaved amidst the period immediately following the liberation when France was swept by a wave of executions, public humiliations, assaults, and detentions of suspected collaborators, known as the épuration sauvage (wild purge). Musically the track consists ov a martial elektronik cadence, delayed vocal bursts, and restrained organ progressions amidst lyrics which escape my capabilities ov translating at this point..
Les Putains De L' Occident [the whores from the west] - tis great slow elektro with sparse electrik guitar and thickly-accented angry reverbed vocals..
Fin [end] - begins with stuttering machinic sounds and restrained drum programming, and tis a darkly aloof piece ov magnificent elektro industrial ending in delayed sounds ov drum machine and gasping breaths..
En silence [in silence] - features very amazingly vocoded voice amidst restrained industrial with alternatingly chunky guitar riffs and dissonant feedback..
Fatalite [fate] - begins as a semi-dissonant instrumental industrial piece with layered percussions, and ends with atmospheric synths with feminine vocalisations..
Goodbye fucking Fatherland - sonicly consists ov almost ambient beatific synth progressions with restrained elektronik percussions, and ends with strange sequencing and a pitched-down sample ov a masculine French voice..
the second side is titled: ... Le Scalpel De Notre Folie [... The scalpel from our madness].
Sur Un Fleuve [on a river] - tis more restrained industrial drum programming, minimal synthesizer progressions, great electrik guitar accompaniment, and more masculine French vocals [which quite sadly i fail miserably at comprehending]..
Entre La Viande Et Le Métal [between the meat and the metal] - consists ov a pulsating synthesizer line with restrained percussion that builds in intensity into a very tribal like accompaniment to this great piece!!
Planter Une Aiguille [planting a needle] - melds an amazingly driving elektronik beat with excellent restrained percussion, a beautifully cold synthesizer progression, and somber processed vocals..
Viandanimaux [animal flesh (i believe..?)] - tis thee final piece ov this cassette, and tis by far thee most sparse.. it begins with wierd analog synth warbling, and goes into what is by far thee most minimal percussive section ov thee recording; with strange experimental elektronik soundscapes with ghostly barely-present vocalisations, and with what sounds like quiet xylophone accents ending in an increasing squall ov ambient feedback resonance and minimal percussion..

(review by Crepusculum-Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog)
(digital transfer by ~f~a~r~a~w~a~y~)
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