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Thursday 2 January 2014

KOOS-The walkman tapes-(Sound Action-South Africa-1990)

Unknown to the most Koos from  South Africa were active in the 80s playing avant-gard and art rock remind us lots of east European experimental bands of the  late 80s.
This tape is entirely recorded with a walkman tape recorder and  a single microphone,no over-dubbings and post effects were added to these recordings, making  this tape a masterpiece of art rock in its core,essential and hard to listen yet genuine.
It was eventually released on Sound Action,little and creative tape label from South Africa.Nijgh & Van Ditmar ‎from Holland released a full cd  of this band back in 2006
This tape is not indexed.
For you into adventures of weird sounds.
Joyful no sense art rock and post avantgard muzik.

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