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Friday 31 January 2014

BOREDOM IMAGES fanzine n 3 + n 5 + n 6&7 (graphix,fanzine,mail art-diy-UK-90s)

BOREDOM IMAGES was a fanzine  created by Ade-L-Vice during  the 90s.
She was into mail art, weird experimental graphix,counter culture and fetish.
As she was describing it Boredom Images was not for sale,not really a fanzine and it was produced every now and again using found images and text.
It was a very nice way to use copy art and mail art at the same time.
She released also a video always for the series Boredom Images and managed few mail art projects covered in part in those small and nice fanzines.
This post is for the lovers of the strange and unknown underground press mixed with copy art,fantasy,rebellion and creativity.
For your pleasure reading.Enjoy those small yet great fanzines.

boredom images n3-n5-n6&7

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