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Thursday 2 January 2014

GINA FEAR & GYPSY-The shame that binds me (c46-diy+Rodent Tapes-1990-uk)

Here another tape received from Gina Fear with a handmade cover,different from the original that was released on Rodent tapes(UK) back in 1991,I am attaching a small review here that I have found on  the magazine by General Purpose Cassettes.

“The shine that binds” is an interesting cassette of music that soothes the mind.Gina & Gypsy `s music reminds me very much of the music from  the Durutti Column or maybe  some 4AD stuff. The female vocals(which remind me of Algebra Suicide)drift off into the mix as guitar and drums float lightly underneath. The music is not very tightly structured but works very well as loose as it is. This tape comes with a hand-colored j-card.

( review by AK-taken from General Purpose Cassettes 005-magazine + tape-1991-Usa)

Another classic from the past!!!!!!!
Enjoy it.


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  1. Thank you also for this marvellous tape! Any chance for: "From Nursery To Misery - Equilibrium" (MC)?
    All the best.

  2. sorry Carlo,I haven`t got Equilibrium by From nursery to Misery!!!!!!thanx a lot for your comments-it s good to know that somedody out there likes my work here...and thanx for all the amazing stuff you are putting on your blog.a presto :)