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Saturday 25 January 2014

THERABAQUD LEIC-Eleutheria-(Ministry of Ultramarine Theatres-Italy-c46-1990)

3 years ago I passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog a tape by THERABAQUD LEIC called Panacea,here if you want to listen to it.
Lately I discover into my collection this other tape by Therabaqud Leic!!!A good friend of mine passed me this one  back in 1991.I cannot find any info about this tape that was released on Ministry of Ultramarine Theatres back in 1990.
Therabaqud Leic seems to be still active or at least its myspace page it is updated untill 2007.
This is the project of Gianlugi Russolo,also involved in Subliminale, TV Satanico, S. Biasin Trio.
Yes the cover sleeve is a bad photocopy but the recording is good.
For all the lovers of obscure ritualistic industrial sounds.
ps-this tape is unindexed.

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  1. Many, many thanks for this marvellous tape. I love this project!
    You can find another interesting tape (Daedalus) here: http://metroundercore.blogspot.it/2012/12/therabaqud-leic-ddalus.html
    Thank You.

  2. thanx for your comments Carlo and Crepusculum - as you know it`s always nice to know some people apprecciate our efforts in spreading around rare and old pearls ...