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Thursday 30 January 2014

MACRONYMPHA -Naked denunciation of infrasonic exchange- (c60-1995 Noise-Taiwan)

How to introduce Macronympha??? This is in fact a quite old noise project based in Pittsburgh(USA).
Founded by Joseph Roemer and  Rodger Stella. They have been collaborating with lots of other artists during those years on different productions named with this name, releasing mostly cassettes on different tape-labels , they never played outside the States even so they are quite famous all over the world. The music is a personal form of sound-collage of metal-junk looped and remixed to create a wall of noise, quite interesting to me. This C-60 tape came out on 1994 released by the Taiwanese label called NOISE-a very special package of a photocopy on plastic paper and one picture that create a strange layered collage of pseudo-porn macro image.(pictures included in this folder)-It includes 6 tracks  2 of them live recordings from 2 different gigs back in the 1994.I have no idea how many copies were printed by this label with this special package but I know that their own label Mother Savage Noise Production re-released it as tape in 2009.

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