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Tuesday 28 January 2014

v.a.-WATCHING SATAN -the legacy of Charles Manson- (c90-Hypertonia World Enterprises,Norway-1993)

Great and weird compilation tape dedicated to the music and the words of Charles Manson.
A c90 full of unknown bands re-making  the music of Charles Manson in an odd and personal way,almost all the tracks are followed or anticipated by cut ups of interviews of the very famous convicted.
Sinister Attraction,Seedjoy,Abrahadabra,Neirher Neither World,Zbz,Las Animas,Dr. Maya,Anus Presley,The Apostoles,Anton Balsam,Kevyn Dymond and few more are the artists whom took part in this eclectic and creative tribute to the music of this very acclaimed anti-hero of the hippy generation.
About the label that released this compilation here you find an interview with JR Bruun(master mind of this label)published on The living Archive of Underground Music by Don Campau.I`ve found  it very interesting.
For the lovers of the international home taping pop artists of the underground world.

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