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Wednesday 8 January 2014

RUDY & CRUDY -U` Mafia- (cd-r-diy-Italy-2006)

Here the mini cd by Rudy & Crudy from Caserta,an excellent ska band from recent years.
My friend Emmip8,the singer of this band wrote this small biography.
If you like ska music you will love this mini cd.
A big thanx to Babs for the english translation.

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Rudy & Crudy were born in the summer of 2003 thanks to Bandiera dell’Odio’s former lead vocals (and also 2-tone Neapolitan band Lucky for Fun’s singer) with the complicity of a very young bass player from Caserta.
We started our activity in the milieu of Neapolitan antagonist circles such as Officina 99 and Ska Okkupato, where we contributed to animating their self-managed rehearsal room.
We were interested in practices such as self-production and self-management of spaces and we were also part of the No Copyright collective as we refused to have our songs registered with SIAE. We proposed ourselves as a (completely free) resource for the realities of the movements closer to us, and according to a solidarity perspective we used to go around all over Italy especially in occupied and self-managed spaces without following the rules dictated by the market.  
In spite of this Rudy & Crudy were not a militant band.In the first years the band was made by people having different stories, paths and lives but they all shared passion for music and a strong interest in social issues as well as a sincere antifascist attitude. 
In March 2006 Adriano, Riccardo, Alessandro, Andrea and Antonio recorded and self-produced the one and only CD of the band, which later started frantically changing its members.
As musicians continued to come and go in our band, we were being deprived of the simplicity and candour which had characterized us and we were slowly turning into one of the many bands haunted by the need to have success and make money, a need that badly affected solidarity feelings, enthusiasm and sensibility.  
Inevitably we ceased to exist as a band in February 2012, asphyxiated by selfish ambitions and aspirations to gain.