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Sunday 22 March 2015

THE NEOLITHICS-Eclipse-(Demo+Live-Self Released-Italy-c90-1994)

The Neolithics was a  band hailing from Foggia(Southern Italy) and playing a raw and "primitive" garage rock 60s style,they were in love with this music genre and  they had  great skills in song-writings.
They formed in 1989 and played until 1993,after that they took different paths: Mario formed the mighty Petrifieds,Massimo and Jack went to join the medieval band Follorum Ensamble and Pennello got involved  with the HC punk band Oltraggio e Resistenza.
This cd called Eclipse was a c90,the last cassette they released and it contains all their recordings:the first demo "From the cave"recorded in the first squat of their own town with a cheap sound system and a 4 tracks recorder,"Live 92" is a live recording of their gig  in Montesilvano supporting  the Fuzztones and few extra tracks recorded in the practise room of Diskarika Occupata(the squat in which they were involved).
 A big thanx to PuppyBArf for the digital conversion of this great tape.
The Neolithics  are considered one of the best band of this music style coming from the Italian Boot during the wonderful  90s.
Enjoy it.
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