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Monday 9 March 2015

NITRO-SNAPPERS-Nitro-Snappers-(Atlas King-Usa-c46-1991)

Nitro-Snappers are Mike Mangino, Dimighingshine and Chris Shepard.They play a strange form of industrial music touching the cold wave and some electro-pop.The recording is very good and the cover sleeve has few info too.All in all a good tape for electro-heads!


  1. WOW...never heard of it but everything touched by guys from SMERSH is pure genius! thank you very much! ...any chance for more rarities from Atlas King... like Neon Noodle or Gestaltung or None Higher or The Black Circle ?)))

  2. thanx for you omment prndhmnbrn,I am afraid I do not have anything from those bands that you have mentioned...