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Sunday 1 March 2015

v.a.-AREA CONDIZIONATA n2-The Voice-(AC-Italy-May 1983-fanzine+tape compilation)

Number 2 of this fanzine+tape compilation edited and distributed by Vittore Baroni, I already posted the number 1 of this fanzine,here that post.
I also wrote already about Vittore Baroni,when I posted the the tape TRAX 0185.
To complete this post I am going to attach the introduction that Vittore wrote for this compilation/zine.
Enjoy It.
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A1 Volker Hamann Don't Come To Indimalindi/A Ngbaka Song Of Grief 5:20
A2 Giovanni Fontana Voce 3:20
A3 Human Flesh Chant 3:10
A4 Sergio Cena Ambigui Contesti 2:46
A4 Arrigo Lora-Totino Deutto Melodico 3:15
A5 Legendary Pink Dots* The Punchline 4:30
A6 Rod Summers Rain II 8:10
B1 Furors, The Glad All Over/A Yamqui Song Of Happiness 1:50
B2 Piermario Ciani Comix 2 4:20
B3 La Fondation M.B.* Vers L'Ethiopie 4:40
B4 Enzo Minarelli Bread & Water Poems, B 1:30
B5 Lisfrank Ombre 3:45
B6 Pete Horobin Acrobat 2:10
B7 Emilio Morandi* Vecchi Racconti 1:45
B8 Peter R. Meyer Tribute To St. Petri 1:30
B9 Kroa Strange Phone Call To Heaven 5:00
B10 Luciana Arbizzani Atom Smasher 4:15


  1. Hi, fantastic blog! I get "The public file you are trying to download is associated with a non-valid account.

    Please contact the owner for further assistance." on download. Please advise, this is nearly impossible to find. Thank you.

  2. @Lord Kess-link re-uploaded now,enjoy it...

  3. Thank you, and thank you for the #1. Venceremos!