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Thursday 5 March 2015

AZOIKUM-Wahnsinn-(Self Released-c60-Germany-1997)

Another nice cassette by the German power-electronics project Azoiukum,I posted already one tape by this project,go here to read that post and get that tape.
Some info taken from discogs:Power Electronics and Harsh Noise outfit which was founded back in 1997. The contents Azoikum uses are mainly sick and dark subjects, going deep into the depth of humanity's madness and depravity, for the most part from a rather misanthropic point of view. Although concentrating on traditional Power Electronics and Harsh Noise the sound of Azoikum can be very varied, with bits and pieces of Death Industrial, Dark Ambient and Experimental to be found here and there. Azoikum also involves a lot of black humour because the outfit uses many Industrial and Power Electronics clichees ad nauseam, especially in video projections during live performances. 
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