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Monday 2 March 2015

SCATHA/QUARANTINE-Live at 121-London-Sat.11th Nov. 1995-(Ex CIM Okkupato Prods-Italy-c60-1996)

Scatha was formed in mid 1995 in Glasgow-Scotland, from the ashes of Sedition, Disaffect and Stretchheads,active until 2003.
Quarantine was another Scottish band formed from the ashes of Debris (3) and Disaffect.
Both bands play a very original form of hardcore punk mixing angry vocals with melodic music yet fast and furious HC punk with political lyrics.Never touching the emo-core.
This tape production is a little miracle of the international squatting scene,in fact it was recorded at the famous 121@centre in Brixton-South London (UK) but for international relationships amongst squatters the master tape ended up in the Ex Cim Squat in Foggia-Southern Italy,since the recording is very good and in that Italian squat there were lots of punks in love with those bands they thought to release this on tape.
A great tape production for the crust punks worldwide.
Enjoy it.
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  1. I was there! Thank you for uploading here.
    I will find some pictures of them.