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Monday 16 March 2015

M.NOMIZED & Mr MOTO-At Dusk-(c60-Bawler Tape Prods-Germany-1995)

Another little gem on cassette dated 1995. I wrote already about M.Nomized and also about Mr Moto; Here additionally are a few quick hints about them: M . Nomized aka Michael Madrange - owner of the Fraction Studios which were very active in the 90s. As a musician (M. NOMIZED, THE GOLOZOS, DHISMA), music producer, zine editor, sound composer for art exhibitions, and mail artist. 
Mr Moto is Matthias Lang- zine editor(IRRE ZINE) and tape label boss(IRRE TAPES). So what to expect from two such names???... Beautiful and creative electronic experimentations which were quite new for that time. Some stuff kind of reminds me in ways of the early experiments in rhythmic noise, other material is definetly more hypnotic, the sound texture collage of effects, distorted electronics, frazzled noises, and weird goings make this tape a little jewel for the lovers of spazzed out electronics. The tape came with a Spartan cover, a carton box in which the tape is kind of stuck.
It was released by Bawler Prods,a noise / experimental label from Germany run by Thomas Gith .
Excellent stuff for elastic ears.
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