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Sunday 1 November 2015

M.NOMIZED & DAY OF THE DEAD-Le Dragon Rouge-(Kadath-Portugal-c60-1997)

I have alredy posted lots of tapes by M. Nomized,:Multi-talented artist from Paris, France: musician, composer, painter and founder of Fraction Studio. Very prolific and still very active you`ll find tons of info on the net about him.
In this well crafted cassette He joins forces with the bass player Eric Saive (aka Day Of The Dead) to create amazing bass propelled tracks of incredible  experimental ambient dub.
With a very good recording They blow us in a different dimension of  drones acid bass lines and  dreamish passages.
As I didn`t had the cover sleeve of this tape I did ask Michael for it,in fact we are still in touch.A very big thanx to M.Nomized  for providing the cover sleeve and to give me permission to post this little gem.
Kadath was a Portuguese tape label based in Coimbra and run by Nuno Loureiro :the first tape was released in 1995, the label produced noise, experimental and industrial artists. 
A great tape work for the lovers of  suicidal dubtronic electro madness. 
This is one of my favourite.
Enjoy it.
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