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Monday 16 November 2015

NAGASAKI FONDUE-untitled-(Self Released-Usa-199?)

Nagasaki Fondue uses random doses of found sounds, radio transmissions, media samples, harsh noises + sub\ambient static resonances and the like to explore the effect of electromagnetic biomechanical manipulations on human subjects, time and space.This tape came out in the beginning of the 90s, and I have no idea how it was distributed, nor how many copies were printed. The cover sleeve is infoless- just the name of the artist and a picture of a child with perhaps some sort of radioactive sickenss. As for the music this is great industrial noise with lots of good samples and found sounds. I have little info about this project, but the tape is GREAT, and yes it is a long one.
I guess longer than a C90 and it has been out of print for quite a while now. Anybody out there with some info about Nagasaki Fondue please use the comment section to let me know more...

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