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Saturday, 14 November 2015

DF. Dismadre-Numero Especial-(Fanzine-Mexico-2000)

This is a special number of  BsAs Desorden called in fact DF Dismadre,(referring to Mexico City)a fanzine of comic drawings and punk info published by Max Vadala.I spoke about him when I posted the split tapes Terror Y Miseria/Ruido E Ideas and  Sovredocis/Sopa De Garron 
In this blog you`ll find info about Max graphix works and fanzines + @punk bands from Buenos Aires.
This fanzine was instead published in Mexico when Max was traveling there to take part to the 2nd international anarcopunk meeting.
It does include few nice drawings and comics + interviews to various activists of the international  punk scene.
Only in spanish: Disfrutalo.

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