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Monday 26 September 2016

v.a.-MECANISMES Vol. 7-(Groupuscole Vision-France-C60-1994)

Volume 7 of this amazing serie of compilations edited and distributed by the french Groupuscule Vision,a label managed by the aristic collective Cartel Experimental,they were producing tapes of industrial and noise music with a special interest in the avant-garde music, theatre`s soundtracks and they were also writing the newsletter Concept.
 I lately posted The Vol. 4 and also the vol.I & II, Vol. III ,Vol. V  and Vol. VI.
All the cassettes were chrome tapes coming with colour sleeve and inserts on coloured xerox copies.Limited edition of 50 copies.
Enjoy it.

A1Amundsen Scott Untitled
A2 Amundsen Scott Untitled
A3 Amundsen Scott Untitled
A4 G.P.U. Réel (Otomo-mix)
A5 Mr. Moto (2) Untitled
A6 Mr. Moto (2) Untitled
B1 John Bartles Over And Over And Over (Revisited)
B2 John Bartles Manlow Shmooze
B3 John Bartles Dollar And A Dream
B4 John Bartles My Titong For You
B5 John Bartles Love The Way She Walks
B6 John Bartles Letters From Beneath The Earth
B7 Condominium (2) Le Concept <<Brazil>>
 notes:Tracks A1, A2, A3: 3 <<études>> enregistrées pour le spectacle du Le Manifeste De L'Art Discret <<Quatre études improductives>> le 10/12/93

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