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Friday 9 September 2016

MDC In Concerto A El Paso-(El Paso Produzioni-Italy-1988)

Amazing gig of the mighty MDC :American punk rock band founded in 1979 in Austin, Texas. 
They are still alive in kicking and their official webpage is here.
I guess lots of people know very well this band so I am not gonna write much about them.You can find lots of info on other webpages anyway. 
 El Paso  is a big squat in Torino(Northern Italy)active since 1987,one of the oldest in Europe ,it is still squatted and very active.
The recording is pretty good  considering that this is a live tape.
It was recorded on the 2nd of december 1988 by Nautilus 
Anarchic/antagonist collective located in Torino. They promote a do-it-yourself attitude and release books, pamphlets, documents and records. There's no copyright on any of their productions. 
Enjoy it.

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