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Monday 5 September 2016

v.a- EBU`S MUSIC SAMPLER Vol. ELEMENTAL II-(Ebu`s Music-Germany-c90-1992)

Another great sampler edited and distrubuted by Carsten Olbrich,
musician and owner of the tape label Ebu`s Music,Tape label  & mailorder established in 1988 and covered in this blog few times.(Please use the search box to find those Ebu`s releases)
Carsten is still very active nowadays and you can read all the news and info on his actual webpage.
A very good selection of different artists and tracks in this sampler offering us :electro,new wave,synth pop and  more experimental weird electronics.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Frontec Formatic The Prelude 3:19
A2 L'Edarps A Moth Der Stau 3:24
A3 Rüger's Electronic Dance Crew Company Der Teddybär 2:17
A4 Council Anderson Symphonialis Est Anima 4:31
A5 Schmertz Der Welten Wiegenlied 2:34
A6 Pupsi Bahlsenkeks Am Sonntag Will Mein Typhus Mit Mir Kegeln Geh'n 1:18
A7 Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer Requiem For Tipi DADAckelhund 3:05
A8 Etat Des Stocks Questionmark 2:22
A9 Ex-Cathedra (2) Words 5:37
B1 Treÿe Prayer (Trodo II) 5:52
B2 Johnson's Fiver Paradise 2:19
B3 L'Edarps A Moth Ich Will Nicht Mehr 2:39
B4 Pupsi Bahlsenkeks Mein Schnuckiputzi Mausilein 2:32
B5 Machine Maid Man Eating The Past 2:58
B6 King Ebu Jano's Theme (1st Synth-Vers.) 3:28
B7 Frontec Formatic Night Dune 3:36
B8 The High Tech Pagodas The Valley 3:45