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Sunday 19 June 2016

L.T.S.-Celtic Core-(Pekor Produkt-France-c60-199?)

L.T.S. or Long Term Survivors is a celtic punk band from France.They combine the heritage of traditional celtic folk (banjo & flute) and add their own blend of dancable punk (drum- machine and heavy rhytmic guitar (SG!)). This band has drawn the attention of many people in the european punk & squatters scene. They are DIY, sincere and talented.They live up in the mountains in South of France, growing their own vegs.They are active since the mid 90s and have released 2 cassettes on Pekor Produkt ,a small french label.Also a cd came out on the belgian label Nabate.
I spoke already about them when I posted the self released tape called simply Long Term Survivors. An internet page about them is here where you`ll find some info,graphix works and free downloads too. 
This is instead my original rip of the amazing tape Celtic Core.
Enjoy it.
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