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Tuesday 14 June 2016

THE JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR/GRUNT-[split tape]-(Freak Animal Records-Finland-c30-1996)

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour was started in 1996 by Scott Hull, Tim Morse, and Andrew Kokes. Other members joined the band later on when they all collectively recorded their acclaimed record "Voltage Monster." Years after, when the band was presumably inactive, Jay Randall released some of his old solo noise tapes under the alias of Japanese Torture Comedy Hour; these releases being the three "live" albums on Grindcore Karaoke. (from discogs)
Grunt was formed in Finland during spring 1993 to create hard audio havoc. Its early incarnations operated with few other names, before settling into Grunt and making the first officially published works. After 20 years of activity, it is still going strong. Various styles of noise electronics are always hammered with such pressure it usually transforms into known Grunt-noise, even if new methods and approaches are added. Various interests, moods and approaches and different kinds of topics has been used during the years. Strong visuals and lyrics are the most well known to people.

Since early days, Grunt has been merely part of international power electronics-noise scene. There has never been desire to attract attention widely. There has never been attempts to be credible within academic noise circles, performance art or modern industrial culture. Nor promote it in media outside the core of noise-underground. However, neither there is clear desire to follow genre restrictions. When invitations have happened, Grunt has been featured in documentaries, newspaper articles, playing together with punk, metal and gothic bands as well as among performance art events.
Grunt is tightly connected to the vision of Freak Animal Records label and has also handful of other forms, what can be understood as projects of their own or simply branches slightly separated from the main project.(from his webpage)
This cassette came out in a limited edition of 75 hand numbered copies  wrapped in a piece of hard white wall-paper.
Enjoy it.


  1. Thank you kindly friend. Had never got a chance to hear these guys before. Exciting these are happening. Keep it up friend, we love it.