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Thursday 16 June 2016

SOLANACEAE TAU-Transgerman Mind Configuration-(Nihilistik Noise-Germany-c60-1990)

Here another amazing tape work by the mighty Solanaceae Tau  an independent dark wave / neo-folk project from Frankfurt am main in Germany. 
Solanaceae Tau was founded in the early 80ties and  made a lot of  releases in the tape industrial and gothic scene in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, UK and after the departure of their female vocalist they etablished (after a break) in a  new personal structure with the same project`s name in 1998. The musical base is inspirated to the dark wave music from the eighties:psychedelic and EBM  with some of the neo folk / gothic music of today mixed with collages and tapeworks.
The project members are Jason Fretz (guitar) Nicci Harrington (vocals ) and Axaxaxs ( synkussion, keyboards, tapes ).They compose and produce their music in their own small studio with reel tape machines, computers  and virtual and real instruments.(info taken from Soundclick).
Enjoy it. 
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