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Wednesday 22 June 2016

v.a.-Peacedies Deathsucks-(Ö-Productions-Latvia-c90-1995)

Long compilation of grind/crust punk bands!It covers lots of different countries and came out with a cover sleeve including bands addresses and songtitles.
Compiled by Edgars Embergs,onwer of this latvian label,it came out in 1995 and I guess it is quite rare nowadays. 
It will make happy all  the lovers of a certain obscure international punk
Enjoy it.
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  1. Hello, but this is wrong track list. This is track list for Peacedies Deathsucks The First.

    1. @Miso-this is the real tracklist,the one from the cover sleeve-andI have used this tracklist to index this tape,so my original rip is correct