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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

v.a.-Peacedies Deathsucks-(Ö-Productions-Latvia-c90-1995)

Long compilation of grind/crust punk bands!It covers lots of different countries and came out with a cover sleeve including bands addresses and songtitles.
Compiled by Edgars Embergs,onwer of this latvian label,it came out in 1995 and I guess it is quite rare nowadays. 
It will make happy all  the lovers of a certain obscure international punk
Enjoy it.
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A1 Earth Citizens Apathy
A2 Inokentijs Mārpls 370587
A3 Legendary Lunch Zero Sum
A4 Alcoore Mundo Dividio
A5 Marichuana Blynai
A6 Taran (6) Green Coat
A7 Hell No Wise Acre
A8 Crimson Dynamo La Chienne
A9 Dilönis Gott Mit Uns
A10 Glue (6) Cavity Pocket Installation
A11 TDF (2) Place Tokyo Under Martial Law
A12 Big'n Links Or Fatties
A13 Suicidal Commando Koška
A14 Subterranean Kids Problemas
B1 Holy Guns* Red Hook
B2 Cadaveres Del Niños Maniacos
B3 Krunch (2) Drift
B4 Toxic Narcotic Even So Slightly
B5 Гражданская Оборона Песнц Роgостц Ц Стостъя
B6 Scarecrow Carried Brain B-29(japanese title)
B7 KSU Jabolowe Ofiary
B8 Belgian Asociality Vodka
B9 Huasipungo War Song
B10 Anti Cimex Make My Day
B11 Turbo Reanimacija Asmens Imidžo...
B12 Los Violadores Viejos Patetikos
B13 W.O.R.M. (2) Fog
B14 Wounded Knee (2) Love I
B15 Nac.Urins* Mis
B16 Animal Crackers (2) You Heard It First On MTV
B17 X-Acto Inferno


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