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Thursday 7 May 2015

VOICE OF DESTRUCTION-A Wot Demo-(Self Released-c30- South Africa-1987)

Voice Of Destruction started around late 1985 early 1986 if I remember correctly. A wot demo their first recording was recorded I'd say 1987. They were to my eyes and ears the most influential and constant Cape Town hardcore punk band. They were a feature of the infamous ARTIES underground (literally and figuratively) alternative pub. They played with various punk, goth and metal bands, doing at least 2 tours to jo'burg and at least 2 massive battle of the bands shows at university of Cape Town, playing with the likes of NO FRIENDS OF HARRY and ATTIC MUSE drawing about 1000-1500 people at these shows. It has to be said that I am talking about early V.O.D. (late 80's-early 90's), as the band slowly progressed to a crossover band uniting the punk and metal scene in Cape Town. As bands had come and gone V.O.D would continue to play and progress to a heavier metal influence through the 1990's to 2000's. Greg the guitarist would remain the only original member as new members from various metal bands would join. Dickens on bass and the Blom brothers would now be the constant members on vocals and drums, continuing this new format of one of South Africa's most important alternative bands. 
The new V.O.D grew and became ever more popular. I am surprised that this really important demo from the earlier days of the band has almost been lost, but here it is, enjoy. 

(digital transfer by Faraway/review by Oliver)


  1. Thanks for this - it's been years, literally

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