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Tuesday 12 May 2015

C.O.36 A.S.(Amnesia State)-GERL(Virology)-Split Tape-(Self Released-Italy-c60-199?)

Minimal information on either ov these artists; other than that they were both from Brescia in northern-Italy.. C.O.36 - Amnesia State [Michele Marpicati]. notes for this cassette: "RECORDED 4 TRACK, NO SAMPLES, KEYBOARDS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RECORDINGS" jeje.. effing love this sort ov ascetic abandonment ov thee use ov such technologies, and thee need ov notifying us.. wonder what gear they did use..?? 
MY NUMBER IS 96201200 - tis strange pulsating elektroniks with wierdly alien flanging fluidity.. ending in what sounds like screamy feedback ala Masonna / Prurient.. 
RETURN VALVE S16BF - wierd power-elektronik type static with fast/slow locked groove type repetitions ending in washes ov Marsona 1200 type white noise ambiance.. jeje.. Masonna & Marsona in thee same review..
S.S.S. - alien-invasion style sonic experimentation with almost harmonic filter type progressions.. sounds like thee phaser has made it's presence felt here.. 
REMOTE - dystopic police-state type siren with barely audible wierd backing sounds like someone vaccuuming in the next room during recording.. 
N.B.C. ALARM - thundrous rumbling akin maybe to having a panic attack [or maybe am hung over here..], but with interesting collaging shattered shards ov power elektroniks..
VOYAGER-1 - relaxing ethereal elektronikx akin to thee subleties ov bowed-strings going out ov tune [if washes ov feedback can be said to do this..] also kind ov like an attempt tis being made with playing at just-stopping the signal before it is about to go into thee red..
Gerl [Alessandro Burri]. Not any other info.. unless you think that writing to his olde address may yield some sort ov fortuitous results..
viral core - sounds like sampling may have been used for this due to thee repetitive nature ov thee sounds.. definitely delay.. great restrained subtlety to thee beatific synth type warmth brought into the piece with high pitch signal use kept at just below thee point ov annoyance.. definitely delay.. jeje
frameshift - warm rumbling low-end ambiance with thee "pfft.. pfft.." akin to locked-groove technique, but shifted & stretched in tempo variance with crunchy eruptive repetition joining, and use ov other unique wierd elektronik minimalism.. really like this piece!! reminds me ov childhood use ov rotary phones, but am uncertain what tis thee point being confessed to with that statement.. anyways..
LTR 5' - more delicately beatific ambient somnolence here!! minimal use ov thee sounds ov stylus obfuscated by dust or paper, and as well ov thee quiet short crash ov thunder.. 
LTR 3' - again thee great delicate sounds ov thee most beloved ov inventions: thee phonographic stylus!! this variation on thee LTR theme also utilises thee short crashes ov reverbed thunder minimally interspersed, but this time with thee repetitious use ov analog-type synth warbling.. sadly, this beauty like all things comes to an end..
Track listing:
a01-C.O. 36 A.S.-my number is 96201200
a02-C.O. 36 A.S.-return valve S16BF
a03-C.O. 36 A.S.-S.S.S.
a04-C.O. 36 A.S.-Remote
a05-C.O. 36 A.S.-N.B.C. Alarm
a06-C.O. 36 A.S.-voyager-1
b01-GERL-viral core
b03-GERL-L T R 5`
b04-GERL-L T R 3`

(transferred by F/a/R/a/W/a/Y -review by crepusculum)

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